Distilling Greatness Episode 5: What would a whiskey brand know about beer?

Gather Around: The founders of Company Distilling continue their passion for the state of Tennessee, its rich history, and education by hosting the “Distilling Greatness” podcast. Listeners can Gather Around with the Company Distilling team and a few of their friends to get a taste of the people and [...]

May 4, 2023|Categories: Podcast|

Tenneessee Whiskey Defined

All bourbons are whiskey, but not all whiskies are bourbons, therefore bourbon is a specific class/type of whiskey.  Whiskey can be made on any continent and is produced by fermenting grain, distilling the fermented liquid, and then placing the distillate into a barrel to mature. Bourbon, however, must be made [...]

Company Distilling Launches Second Exploratory Product Offering: Tennessee Three Wood

The second premium spirit in their exploratory portfolio is a Straight Tennessee Whiskey Finished with Apple Wood. For Immediate Release May 3, 2023 Townsend, Tennessee -- Company Distilling announces the second release within its experimental product lineup, Tennessee Three Wood, a Straight Tennessee Whiskey Finished with Apple Wood. This is [...]

Company Distilling Bourbon Mint Julep

Ingredients (Cocktail) Yield: 1 cocktail 2 oz Company Distilling Bourbon .5 oz Mint Simple Syrup Directions (Cocktail) In a shaker, add all ingredients with ice. Shake / strain into rocks glass. Garnish with Mint Ingredients (Mint Simple Syrup) Yield: 2 cups .5 cup of Mint 1 cup of water [...]

Simple Bourbon Cocktails for Spring

Both Company Distilling tasting rooms in Townsend and Thompson's Station, TN have a bar with a signature cocktail menu. We hope you will visit with us and try our Spring cocktails and beer selection, but until then try these simple bourbon cocktails at your next gathering. You can purchase [...]

Company Distilling Expands Product Offerings with the Addition of Beer

For Immediate Release April 7, 2023 Townsend, Tennessee - Company Distilling, an award-winning distillery located just outside of Knoxville, Tennessee, is proud to announce the addition of beer to its product lineup. Brewing beer has been a goal of the Company Distilling team, since opening their distillery in Townsend in [...]

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